Staying Motivated to Workout

Workout Motivation!

Whether you’re a seasoned gym rat or just getting interested in exercise for the first time, staying motivated to work out can be tough. Getting started often feels overwhelming. And even when you’re in a good workout rhythm, life throws curveballs that can disrupt your routine. No matter what’s keeping you feeling less than inspired to hit the gym, these tips will help you stay motivated to work out.

Start Slow And Stay Motivated

A major barrier for many people in starting an exercise routine is the belief that you have to work out long and hard to see any benefits. That’s simply not true! The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggests 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week. That means 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. (1)

While you may have longer workouts in mind, don’t push yourself too hard too soon. If you feel intimidated by your workout plan, you may end up skipping it altogether. Even if you want to work up to an hour, 30 minutes of exercise is better than zero minutes. Start slow, and give yourself time to adjust to this new habit! (1) Remember, the only bad workout is the one that did not happen!

Staying Motivated By Having Fun

Another obstacle to staying motivated to work out is believing that only a certain type of exercise will give you results. While running, HIIT workouts, and weight lifting are all amazing forms of exercise, they’re not for everyone. And that’s okay! (1)

You’re much more likely to stay motivated to do something you actually like, so pick workouts that are fun for you. If you love to dance, go to a Zumba class or search “hip hop class” on YouTube. If you like playing games, play tag with your kids or set up a badminton net in the backyard. (1)

Anything that gets you moving will fulfill your need for physical activity. It might as well be something that makes you happy, too! (1)

Create a Workout Routine To Stay Motivated

Put your workouts into your schedule like you would with any other important appointment. It can be helpful to schedule all of your workouts at the beginning of the week to make sure you prioritize them and set aside time for them. Knowing what’s coming up can also help you look forward to exercising, especially if you’re choosing workouts that you enjoy! (2, 3)

A key motivation tip is finding the best time of day to exercise for you. If you know you’re going to be dragging when you finish work at the end of the day, make time to work out in the morning. If you’re simply not a morning person, find time to move in the evening. And if you need to schedule your workouts around your kids, either get in some movement during your lunchtime or involve them in exercising when they get home from school! (2, 3)

Another thing that will help keep you on track is taking supplements that will support your workout routine. AgelessLX is clinically proven to enhance your strength and endurance with its key ingredient Calcium HMB. Calcium HMB promotes energy and stamina while preserving and building muscle mass so you can get the most out of your workout routine. And if you are wanting to lose some weight, AgelessLX increases the amount of body fat (yes, clinically proven!) we lose while protecting our muscles and encouraging lean body mass overall. Taking AgelessLX daily as part of a healthy lifestyle, eating right and exercise, will certainly keep you on track and motivated to stick to your new workout routine.

Stay Motivated To Work Out: Set Goals

Setting goals gives you something to work toward in the future. If you’re not feeling motivated to work out one day, you can set your eyes on the prize and keep going. (2, 3)

If you have a big, overall goal, break it down into smaller goals so you can celebrate your progress more frequently. For example, if you’re just starting to run and your long-term goal is to run a 5k, you can start with the goal of running 10 minutes three times a week. You can then progressively add time and distance every week until you reach your goal of running the 5k.

Reward Yourself For Working Out

You’re working hard, and you deserve to reward yourself for the progress you make and the goals you meet. After you work out, take a moment to pause and savor the good feelings you get from exercising. Enjoying these feelings will help you stay committed to working out even on the days when you feel least motivated to do so. (2, 3)

You can also plan rewards for reaching specific goals. If you’ve been eyeing a new outfit, wait to buy it until you reach a certain threshold. Knowing that you’re working toward something special will help you stay motivated to work out. (2, 3)

Stay Motivated By Switching It Up

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut with the same workouts week after week. If your exercise routine feels boring, you won’t be excited to do it. And exercise monotony isn’t good for your body, either. In order to continue progressing physically, you have to keep your body guessing.

Work Out with a Buddy

Most things are more fun with a friend, and working out is no exception! Go for a walk with a neighbor or schedule an exercise class with your best friend. Go running with your coworkers or take a bike ride with your partner. Having an extra person or two with you will help you stick with your commitment and feel encouraged to finish your whole workout. (2)

Make a Work Out Playlist

Music is a tried and true way to change your mood, and it’s a great way to stay motivated to work out. Build a playlist of upbeat, fast-paced songs with lyrics that inspire you. Put it on while you’re getting ready to exercise and during your workout. If any songs on your playlist just aren’t doing it for you while you work out, get rid of them. Keep any ear out for new tunes to add, and when you hear a song that has you bopping, put it on your playlist right away! (3)

Always Be Flexible and Kind to Yourself

There will undoubtedly be some bumps in the road of your exercise journey. You may miss a workout because of a scheduling conflict or have to take some time off because you get sick. When this happens, don’t be too hard on yourself. Staying kind and patient with yourself is more motivating than beating yourself up. Just get back on track when you’re ready and use what you know now to stay motivated to keep going! (2)