I started using AgelessLX at the end of August. I have notice a big difference in my muscle definition, muscle soreness, and strength in my nails! I’m hooked! I’ve lost inches all over and dropped a dress size within this time!

Lauren Jones

Lauren-Jones (1)

I had less soreness after working out.

Rindie Thames

Ageless LX has become part of my necessary daily regimen. I began strength-training a few months prior to using the Ageless LX supplements. Once I added Ageless LX, I quickly began adding muscle, feeling stronger, and had more energy through my workouts. Longer, stronger nails and clearer skin have been icing on the cake! It is an amazing product that supports my system and makes me feel great. I am so thrilled with my results, that I sent a bottle to my mother-in-law! 

Jennifer Bassman

small business coach and founder of JenniferBassman.com

“I have spent two decades owning and operating a high-end spa. I have seen, tried, and sold many, many health and beauty supplements. I was a bit skeptical at first and didn’t think it could be better than others.

Surprise, surprise. I never have experienced fast results like this! At almost 58 years, my face is looking less “pudgy” than it did 2 months ago and my skin tone and elasticity have tremendously improved.

Looks like I’ll be waiting at least a few more years for my face-lift. :-)”

– Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA Business Research Strategist.

Patricia Bottero St-Jean

MBA Business Research Strategist

Thank you, Ageless LX. I’m loving it!!

I have noticed quite a difference in my skin and overall health. I travel expensively for business and while my international trips usually knock me around and I bounced back remarkably this time. My sleep has also improved which is great for this chronic insomniac!!

I have only been taking Ageless LX, no other nutrients, so I’m putting it down to that.

I’ve had a few compliments on my skin and hair which has been lovely!

Honestly, I’m so impressed with the nutrients I’m going to begin the entire Ageless Transformations program on January 1st.

Alison Vidotto

CEO Push! Business Training & Mentoring

I have been using Ageless LX for the past few months and I am blown away by the results! I work out on a regular basis, but incorporating Ageless LX into my daily routine has helped decrease muscle soreness, develop more definition in my arms, overall leanness and feeling beautiful. The box and package it arrives in is also absolutely stunning! I’m excited to continue

Dara Paru, FL

I have taken my journey with ageless transformation seriously… it was time I started doing something for myself!
Between the product and the workouts in the Ageless Transformations program, I have been able to have an increase in energy level in every day life as well as in my workouts (well let’s say I now have the energy to workout!). When I started doing the Ageless workouts I could not do it in its entirety without a lot of rests in between. So it was taking me a long time to complete the workout. Even with playing tennis, walking and a little running I still wasn’t prepared for them but I should have been! I am just giving a shoutout today to Ageless for this opportunity. In the 8 weeks I have been really doing this I have gone from the low energy from the craziness of my life as a mom, realtor and wife to being able to add full workouts (with only normal rest periods after completing steps 1-3, then 4-6. I love this feeling! Maybe I could even climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower! I am definitely stronger and have the energy and stamina to do it! I can’t wait to see how I feel in other 8 weeks. I am thankful this has given me the energy to make time to take care of me!

Deirdre West


Kate Dillon

Pam Clement


Heather Campbell

The Ageless Transformation is truly amazing!

The muscle tone in my legs has increased and endurance/energy as well. I noticed the change in endurance and energy in cycling class.

I have seen quite an improvement in my nails. In the last couple years, due to aging I believe, they were spitting and peeling. Nothing would help until I started the Ageless Supplements.

My friends have commented that my hair looks great! I attribute that to AgelessLX as well. I have also noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep. That is a godsend!

Lynn Cronin


Pam Fittz

Being a synchronized swimmer I know how sore your body can be after a workout or after performing a routine in the pool. It can be days before the soreness goes away. Since taking AgelessLX my soreness is minimal at best. I’m so happy I found this supplement! Did I mention, my muscle definition is looking amazing!

Stephanie Fink

Just received my package and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love how everything came packaged and all the goodies!! Thank you 😘

Amanda Iler