How A Morning Routine Can Boost Your Health

Did you know that your morning routine can significantly impact your overall wellbeing? Whether you’re dragging your body out of bed at 11:00 am or popping up cheerfully at the crack of dawn, the way you wake up sets the tone for your entire day. By taking a closer look at your morning habits, you can take better control of your health with a few simple adjustments.

It’s no secret that most of us lead very busy lives. Rushing out of the house to work or wrangling the kids for school can leave us with scarcely a moment to breathe. Is creating a morning routine, then, even feasible or worthwhile? The answer is a resounding yes, and here are 3 major reasons why.

Why Do You Need A Morning Routine?

A morning routine affects more aspects of your life than you may realize. If you find yourself dragging by the end of the day, frazzled at work, or generally stressed out, the culprit may be the way you start your day. Here are some reasons why establishing a healthy morning routine is so important–and how to do it.

1. To Increase Productivity

The age-old concept of “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” is not without merit. Have you ever hit the snooze button too many times and woke up late? Can you recall the mad scramble to get to work on time, and the way it seemed to impact your entire day? That’s because the way you start your morning can affect your productivity and performance.

A routine is something we do regularly until it becomes almost automatic. When you have a healthy morning routine, you’ll be better prepared to face the tasks ahead. Since waking up is a gradual process, you’re not likely to be at peak performance if you woke up 5 minutes before hurriedly heading into work. You’ll be sluggish, tired, and probably pretty cranky. (1)

waking up on the wrong side of the bed

How To Do It

A great way to create a productive morning routine is to start with your wakeup time. If you’re the type who’s always running late, you may need more time to become alert and alive in the morning. Gradually set your alarm clock earlier by 15-minute increments every day until your body gets used to it. Move your alarm clock across the room so you’ll have to get up to turn it off. 

With the extra time you create–even if only 30 minutes or an hour–you can then establish new healthy routines. Instead of grabbing a drive-thru breakfast, try making yourself a balanced meal that you’ll look forward to waking up for. Take a few minutes to write down your intentions for the day or a to-do list of goals to accomplish. These simple tricks will get you in a productive mindset, creating concrete tasks for your brain to accomplish. Accomplishing them will feel like a reward in of itself, fueling feel-good feelings throughout your day and week. (2)

2. For Your Physical Health

Stress wreaks havoc on the body. The fight-or-flight instinct triggers a cascade of physical reactions that impact everything from your mood to vital organs like your heart, lungs, and muscles. It’s easy to see that waking up in a panic is not the right way to start the day.

When you don’t have a morning routine, it’s difficult to consistently put healthy habits in place. The stress hormone, cortisol, is especially damaging to the body and can cause you to put on excess weight. Carrying more weight can, in turn, lead to additional health problems and an overall feeling of low energy. On the other hand, a healthy morning routine can revitalize you. It’s a positive conclusion to a restful night’s sleep, allowing you to feel in control and prepared.  Even by implementing a few small changes, you can dramatically lower your stress levels. (3)

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How To Do It

As we already discussed, setting a wakeup time and sticking to it is essential. After that, what you eat and whether you move in the morning can greatly impact your health. Exercising for at least 10 minutes, for example, releases a neurotransmitter in the brain that helps with self-control and energy levels.

Taking the time to eat a healthy breakfast should also be an essential part of your morning routine. You’ll be less likely to feel the midday slump and should still have some energy reserves after work to accomplish tasks at home. (4)

waking up refreshed


3. For Your Mental And Emotional Wellbeing

A stressful start to the day doesn’t just impact our physical health. Our mental and emotional wellbeing and stability will flourish when we eliminate as much chaos in our lives as possible. What you do when you wake up can have a huge impact on your mind and emotional state.

Mental stress and emotional fatigue can also affect our relationships at work and at home. We may struggle to maintain healthy sleep patterns, which will have a domino effect on our morning routine. Feeling overwhelmed, sad, anxious, and stressed will bleed into every other area of our lives. Having a healthy morning routine, though, can help mitigate negative feelings.

How To Do It

Take time in the morning to think about positive, peaceful things. Deep breathing exercises, prayer, and practicing stillness can ground you in the moment and help relieve stress. It will also prevent you from immediately rushing to your tasks and creating a feeling of panic.

You can also review your day at night, seeing where you need to make adjustments. This will set you up for the next morning, giving you a positive outlook and a sense of intentionality to your days. All of these things help create a positive, peaceful feeling in the mind and heart. (1)



It’s Okay If You’re Not A Morning Person

Some people are adept at implementing healthy morning routines. Many of us, though, are not. It’s important to remember that it’s okay not to be a morning person! Even if sunrise isn’t your thing, you can still implement these changes gradually and adapt them in a way that works for you. The important thing to remember is to be consistent until the changes become second nature.

As you develop your morning routine and add new practices, be adaptable and flexible with yourself. Change takes time. Even if it’s difficult for you to create your new routine, know that the benefits will ultimately outweigh any difficulties you encounter. (1)

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