Let’s face it…most women think of aging as getting gray hair, wrinkles, flabby arms andpaunchy bellies.

The fitness industry churns out diets and workouts that are confusing and contradict each other.

The skin care industry churns out thousands of products each year promising you renewed youth.

And while diet, exercise and skincare is important, the shocking fact is that…Wrinkles and sagging skin are just OUTSIDE signs that we’re aging faster on the INSIDE.

That’s because… Real Aging Starts on the INSIDE.


What’s happening in our bodies as we age?

Long before we start losing our skin tone and develop those fine lines and wrinkles, changes in our hormones, our metabolism, and our lifestyle kick off the first and most important culprit in speeding up the aging process.

Medical experts, researchers and scientists have only recently uncovered the #1 real cause of aging, and it comes as a surprise to women around the world.

Here’s how you can tell if muscle loss might be aging you faster:

  • Have you ever gone on a diet, only to gain the weight back again?
  • Do you gain weight more easily than you lose it?
  • Do your arms, legs, and belly feel and appear “softer”?
  • Are you less active than you used to be?
  • Even if you exercise, is most of your day spent sitting at a desk, in a car, or on the couch?


Women start losing muscle mass as early as our 30s. From then on, we lose an average of up to 1.5% of our muscle mass each year. While that doesn’t seem like a huge amount, it adds up over the years.

And here’s the IMPORTANT stuff…When a woman loses muscle, it kicks off a series of events that “turn on” the Aging Switch.


Your Metabolism Grinds To A Halt

Up to 80% of the energy from your food goes to your muscles as fuel. The more muscle you have, the faster energy is burned –  that is your metabolism. When you lose muscle, your body needs less fuel; the food that’s not used is stored as fat. That is your metabolism slowing down. A slower metabolism results in less energy, reduced stamina and weight gain — we can fix this.


You Gain Fat More Easily…and Struggle To Lose It  

When you diet by restricting calories, up to 12% of your weight loss is actually muscle. This slows down your metabolism, so when you return to your normal diet, the weight you gain back is all FAT. This vicious cycle repeats itself over and over every time you “go on a diet”! Now you know — it’s not your fault.

Your Hormones Get Unbalanced

Losing muscle and increasing fat creates inflammation that sends chemical signals which confuse your hormones. Ideally, hormones — estrogen, progesterone, insulin and thyroid — work together to create a healthy balance. Inflammation has a drastic effect on the balance of your hormones and results in premature aging. But you can impact your hormones when you control your muscle and fat — and we know how.

Wrinkles and Skin Dimples Appear and Deepen

Collagen is a protein which acts like scaffolding throughout your body; it strengthens your hair, nails, skin, cartilage, connective tissue and bones. When collagen starts to break down, fine lines, wrinkles and the dreaded “cottage cheese” skin appears. The bad news is that it only gets worse — we can show you how


Now you can manage this core reason your skin’s visibly aging…
from the inside… out.

Eating foods that come from the earth instead of the laboratory can have an enormous impact on the aging process. Processed foods including sugar and grains impact insulin, inflammatory compounds, and even sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone that can lead to fat storage, deepening wrinkles, muscle and collagen loss. Stick to lots of vegetables along with fruits, beans, clean proteins like wild fish and organic/grassfed meat and poultry. Challenge yourself to ditch the processed foods and see how you feel.


AgelessLX will help you burn more fat than dieting and exercise combined. It supports overall health, and helps you maintain strength, energy, and endurance by promoting muscle growth. Plus, the nutrients promote extra collagen production, so you can love the way you look and feel!

AgelessLX is a scientifically-proven, all-in-one solution to:

27 (1)


The key ingredient in AgelessLX earned one of the rare US patents for FAT LOSS! AgelessLX contains compounds that promote lean body mass so your body burns fat at a faster rate  — greater than diet and exercise alone. This enables you to get rid of the fat and enjoy the more robust metabolism from having a higher percentage of muscle

28 (1)


AgelessLX contains proven ingredients helping your body produce more of its own collagen — the outcome is a smoother, tighter, more youthful appearance and glow.  With AgelessLX, you can reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, slow the visible aging progress, even before it starts. 

30 (1)


AgelessLX has unique patented ingredients which preserve your muscle and increase your lean muscle mass — without having to spend hours at the gym. With AgelessLX, you can build strength faster and get that lean body you’ve always wanted and deserve. After just one month, you will be amazed by the visible results!

31 (1)


The proven ingredients in AgelessLX delivery powerful nutrients directly to your muscles so you feel more energy, stamina and endurance throughout your day. With AgelessLX so you can stay power through your day with vibrance and vitality. When you workout, you’ll notice less fatigue and muscle soreness with faster muscle recovery. What will YOU do next? 

33 (1)


AgelessLX provides the nutrient building blocks to create thicker, shiny and luxurious hair, and stronger and longer nails. With AgelessLX, your body gets the protein, amino acids and collagen it needs to prevent thinning, dry, frizzy hair  and brittle, peeling nails. You’ll notice the transformation halfway through your bottle of AgelessLX and your hairdresser will beg to know what you’re doing!




We’ve all heard the saying, “Age is just a number,” and while it’s true that getting older is just the passing of time, aging is something in your control. When in doubt, reference this list of ways to stay ahead of the game to look and feel years younger.


It’s never too early or too late to start… from our 30s through our 90s, Join the thousands of women slowing down the clock and living a vibrant, healthy, ageless life!

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I’m Not Over The Hill – I’m On Top Of It!

Michele’s Ageless Story

Now that I’ve rounded the corner of 50, my family jokes that I’m “over the hill.” 

I’m not. I’m standing at the TOP OF THE HILL , my arms are outstretched; I’m feeling hopeful, positive and excited for my future. I plan to be here for my family and myself for a long time.

I’m Michele Drielick — I have a Masters in Nutrition; I’m a healthy aging expert and the founder of AgelessLX. 

I’ve worked with women, guiding their good health and nutrition for over a decade. In the course of my work, I realized women are aging faster than they need to – faster than they should – and that premature aging was dramatically impacting their self-confidence and quality of life.

In my research, I discovered too many women believe their aging process is controlled by their genes; they’re a victim of the aging process and there’s nothing they can do about it.

That’s just not true. 

You can control the way you age…at any age — it’s never too late to start.

My mission to change the way women age began with my own Mother — she believed her health and wellness was out of her control. 

For decades, I desperately tried to convince her that eating more vegetables, removing processed foods and being more active would change how she felt and would lead to a longer, more vibrant life.

Having helped thousands of women successfully improve their lives through targeted nutrition, fitness, sleep and managing stress — it was devastating for me that I was unable to help the woman who mattered most in my life, my own Mother.

Over the last few years of her life, I watched her age at an accelerated rate and  it was shocking how fast it happened. Looking back, the signs were there; her body withered away — she lost so much muscle. 

I was shattered when my Mom died in 2019, especially since I have the expertise that could have prevented her death at such a young age. 

Through my grief, the desire to help all women gain control of how they age compelled me to find a solution.

AgelessLX, is a supplement that works with your body so you can radically change the way you age – staying stronger, leaner, more energetic and more youthful.

Genetics alone does not determine your future. 

I’ve helped thousands of women stop and even reverse the preventable damage we think of as inevitable with “normal aging”.


P.S. AgelessLX® is backed by 6 US patents, 50 clinical studies, 40 medical review articles, and 4 meta-analyses and has already helped thousands of women maximize their results. You could be next. Check out AgelessLX® now.


Powerful Science behind the Powerful Product

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